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FLAX EVO 10” Shallow subwoofer 4 Ohms,RMS 280W-MAX 560W


Sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Focal's engineers spent five years developing a super-lightweight, extra-rigid cone material for their Flax Evo Series speakers and subs. The result is a cone composed of a layer of flax fibers sandwiched between two layers of glass fibers, giving you the warmth of natural fiber combined with the supreme accuracy of a more rigid cone material.

Built at Focal's workshop in France, the P 25 FSE 10" sub delivers performance beyond its size, using superior materials and construction to handle up to 280 watts RMS. At a shade under 3-1/2" deep, its shallow-mount design allows it to fit in a compact sealed enclosure, so it's easier to fit in a smaller vehicle. If you're putting together a system, make sure to take a look at Focal's component speaker systems that feature the same "Flax Sandwich" cones.

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