Remote Start Installation

Remote Start Installation

Compustar remote start Kansas City installation


We've got the best remote starts with competitive prices!

Prices vary depending on the features you want and what car you have. Most newer vehicles require a bypass module which costs extra. Remote starts are available for most vehicles including, diesel, automatic, manuals, hybrids, etc.

A good reason to get an aftermarket remote start is knowing that they all have improved range compared to factory remote starts. The average range for the aftermarket remote starts we sell is 3 to 4 times the range of factory remote starts.

Why Choose Max Speed and Sound for Your Remote Start?

Max Speed and Sound is Kansas City's most reliable remote start installation shop. We've been selling and installing Compustar remote starts, car alarms, full security systems, 2-way remote starts, remote starts with LCD screens, Drone Modules, and more for over 30 years. Our installation experts are quick and precise while guaranteeing your satisfaction. We have experience with every make, year and model. We take pride in having the most remote start experience in the Kansas City area and offering competitive prices. All of our installations come with a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and each product has their own respective manufacturer warranty.

We are also able to service and/or upgrade our installations years after they're installed.

How Do I Choose the Right Remote Start?

We exclusively provide Compustar remote starts. We believe in quality and reliability and Compustar brings both of those requirements to the table while remaining affordable. We sell every model that Compustar offers, giving you the flexibility to get the features you want. We've got remote starts with 2-way systems, all-in-one remote start and alarm systems, Drone Module capability, and much more. We highly recommend visiting us in-store so we can show you the differences between the options!