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Car Alarms and Security Systems at Max Speed and Sound

Max Speed and Sound has been Kansas City's best car alarm installers for over 30 years. We provide high quality safety and security systems for our customer's vehicles with a wide variety of options to choose from. Our technicians are experts in the car alarm field and provide quality installations. Whether your car has a factory alarm system or not, our basic alarm systems always out-preform the built-in systems. This is because ours come with a variety of features such as starter kills, shock sensors and tilt sensors which guarantees the safety of your vehicle. Learn more about Kia's and Hyundia's Alarm Systems Here

How Much Will the Car Alarm Cost?

The price will depend on a few factors such as what vehicle you have and what features you want. We charge at an hourly rate and in 15 minute increments, so you're paying exactly what you're getting instead of a flat rate.

What Car Alarm Options Do You Have?

We've got various Compustar options in stock. For example, if you're simply looking for the cheapest security, we have a basic alarm system that comes with 2 fobs, shock sensors, tilt sensors, and a start kill. Our other options can include the Drone Module (Module that lets you use your phone anywhere in the world to start and/or monitor your vehicle), remote start and alarm bundle, 2-way systems, higher range, etc.

What Brands Do You Carry?

For both remote starts and alarm systems, we carry Compustar products exclusively. We truly believe in this brand and know they have the most reliable products out there. At Max Speed and Sound, we like to focus on quality over anything else and that is what Compustar provides.

How Does a Car Alarm Protect My Vehicle?

  • Any car alarm that you get installed with us comes with a starter kill switch. This means that if anyone breaks into your vehicle and pushes the start button or turns the key, it won't start.
  • Every car alarm from us comes with a shock sensor. If your car had any kind of force on it, the alarm will go off. We are able to set the sensitivity to your preference.
  • Our car alarms also come with tilt sensors. Anytime the car is tilted over a threshold (that we are able to set according to your preference), the alarm will go off. Many customers like this feature due to the uproar in catalytic converter thefts.
  • Most of our alarm systems either come with a Drone Module or are Drone Module compatible. The drone module gives you the ability to monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world using your phone. This requires a monthly fee and can come with many other features depending on the plan you choose.

Do Your Car Alarms Come With a Warranty?

All of our installations, including car alarms, come with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Alongside of this, the remotes come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. If the remote breaks or the battery dies, you may come to us to swap it out as no cost to you.