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PS 165 V1

PS 165 V1

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6” 2-way component kit, RMS: 80W - MAX: 160W


A sound upgrade is a reinvigorating investment in your car, and you'll find few brands more reliable than Focal. Their PS 165V1 6-1/2" component system uses many of Focal's famous technologies working in harmony to deliver the sonic goods. The light but exceptionally rigid Polyglass woofer cone produces richly-textured bass and midrange frequencies, and the woofer's non-resonant aluminum chassis virtually eliminates coloration. A sturdy butyl surround ensures long-lasting performance, while the woofer's phase plug enhances dispersion for excellent sound staging.

The PS 165V1's aluminum tweeter sports Focal's inverted dome structure for wider dispersion and extended high-frequency response, giving you sparkling detail in the high notes without any of the blare often found in metal tweeters. Three different mounting possibilities let you get creative with a custom installation and get hands-on with the stereo imaging in your car.

Each crossover network features 3-level tweeter control, and allows you to select three different crossover points. If space is an issue in your vehicle, Focal gives you the ability to split up the included crossover networks. You can mount a high-pass filter near each tweeter and a low-pass filter near each woofer, instead of having to mount one big crossover on each side of your vehicle. This system will handle up to 80 watts RMS, and you'll want to use an outboard amplifier to get the best possible performance from these speakers.

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