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PS 165 F3E

PS 165 F3E

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FLAX EVO 6.5” 3-way component kit, RMS: 80W - MAX: 160W


In their pursuit of sonic excellence, Focal discovered that a flax woofer cone produces a dynamic sound that's worthy of their reputation. At half the weight of fiberglass, these flax fibers help create a very rigid yet lightweight cone that ensures accuracy and limits unwanted vibrations.

Focal knows that control is of the utmost importance to accurate sound. Their patented surround employs "tuned mass damper" technology used to enhance the structural stabilization of earthquake-resistant skyscrapers — seriously!! With greater control of the woofer cone, you'll gain smoother, more natural sound.

This Flax Evo Series PS 165 FE 3-way component speaker system combines 6-1/2" flax woofers, 3" midrange speakers, and Focal's celebrated M-profile inverted dome tweeters. The inverted dome design of the tweeters mimics woofer-style sound dispersion, distributing the high frequencies in a wide pattern to create an exceptionally natural soundstage. The aluminum frame provides an incredibly rigid and non-resonant platform for these superior components. These speakers will handle up to 80 watts RMS, so powering them with an amplifier will really enhance their dynamic range.

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