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PC 165 SF

PC 165 SF

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6.5” SLATEFIBER Coaxial Kit - RMS: 80W - MAX:160W


You can always count on Focal's dedication to innovation. From beryllium to flax, their research and development team search far and wide in the hunt for exceptional speaker materials. With Focal PC 165 SF 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers they've brought Slatefiber into the fold. You can also find Slatefiber cones in high-performance home speakers like their floor-standing Chora Series. Made from non-woven, recycled carbon fibers and manufactured in France, the lightweight Slatefiber cone offers exceptional rigidity and damping qualities to provide a dynamic yet balanced sound, especially in the midrange. Focal employs their famous inverted dome tweeter to distribute high frequencies in a wide pattern for the most natural soundstage possible.

If you want to make the most of Focal's groundbreaking design, we suggest powering them with up to 80 watts RMS of aftermarket power. Because of their impressive sensitivity, these speakers will do quite well with factory power too.

The aluminum basket is reinforced with a streamlined "rotor" design that not only looks cool, but provides a non-resonant platform for the speaker's superior components. Plus, the unique blue color of the woofer cone is unlike any car speaker we've seen before.

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