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Power your whole system

Kenwood's KAC-M8005 5-channel amplifier can power your entire sound system, sending out 50 watts RMS each to your four full-range speakers, and up to 500 watts RMS to your sub. Want to run a set of high-performance components plus a subwoofer? You can set the KAC-M8005 to 3-channel mode, driving your components with 150 watts RMS per side while still sending 500 watts to your sub.

Weather-resistant protection for music on the go

Conformal coating protects the internal circuits from water and dirt, so the show will always go on, even through the roughest conditions on road, trail, or waterway. The speaker output terminals feature plastic-covered plugs that provide further protection for those connections.

Tuning where you need it

High-pass filters on the front and rear channels let you tailor the sound to get maximum performance from your speakers. You can adjust the low-pass filter and bass boost on the subwoofer channel to get just the right tone for your bass, while optimizing your sub's performance.

High-level inputs ease installation

The KAC-M8005 will accept an input signal from just about any source, whether you're using RCA cables or speaker wires from your radio. When you use the speaker-level inputs, the amplifier will sense the signal and turn itself on, so you won't need to run a remote turn-on lead to your receiver.

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