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Cobra SC 400D

Cobra SC 400D

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The Ultimate Solution to All of Life's Blindspots

Whether you're on the road or parked, a commercial driver or commuter, hauling cargo or chauffeuring kids - you're covered from all angles in all situations. With stunning, easily-sharable 4K UHD resolution, Alexa built-in, heads-up navigation, and live police alerts, there's no better way to protect the vehicles, drivers, passengers, and cargo you value most. See just how much peace of mind the award-winning Cobra SC 400D can provide.

About this item

  • UHD VIDEO (4K) – With Ultra HD 4K resolution, you'll get 4x the pixel resolution of 1080P, so you can see and capture every detail on your drive. Includes rear-view accessory camera to see the front and rear of your vehicle, day, or night.
  • ALEXA BUILT-IN – This dash camera comes with Alexa built into its system. From playing music in your car to navigating or finding restaurants, Alexa is ready to help answer any question or request while you're on the road.
  • 3-VIEW CAPABLE – Includes front-facing SC 400D dash cam and a rear-facing accessory camera to provide dual-view capability. Add on an optional cabin-view accessory camera to record the road ahead, behind, and inside the vehicle at the same time.
  • HEADS-UP NAVIGATION – Drive safer with on-screen notifications to upcoming turns, even if your map is running in the background on your phone. Making the perfect car accessory for ensuring you get to your destination on time.
  • LIVE POLICE ALERTS ON-SCREEN – Get exclusive live police alerts on-screen with the Cobra SC 400D. Cobra SC smart dash cams are the only products that show exclusive live police alerts like radar speed zones, speed camera locations, and more.
  • INCIDENT REPORTS & MAYDAY ALERTS – Instantly share your policy number, event details and videos from your car camera to insurance company. Emergency mayday also sends emergency contact an automatic text in the event of an accident.
  • NEW DRIVE SMARTER APP – Our new and improved app provides cloud video management, safety and security features, device settings, plus added iOS and Android stability to connect you with the Drive Smarter community for real-time driver alerts.
  • EASY INSTALL AND OPERATION – A 32GB MicroSD Card, quick release magnetic mount, and a vehicle power adapter allow you to simply mount, power, and drive. The sleek design including automatic recording and shutdown lets you set it and forget it.
  • 2022 EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD by PCWorld – The SC 400D offers a one-of-a-kind experience with PCWorld saying it takes the best capture of dash cams and includes Alexa, making it the best premium front/rear dash cam.

Other Features:

The Cobra SC 400D gives you the ability to get a separate interior camera that attaches to the side of it. This is the Cobra FV CV1. If you wish to get the interior, it is sold separately and it is easy to install.

Check out our listing for the FV CV1.

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