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3 KM

3 KM

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3. Midrange


Focal is known for innovative design and accurate sound, and they continue their impressive record of revolutionary hi-fi car audio with the K2 Power M Series. This single Focal 3KM 3-1/8" midrange driver is designed, engineered, and manufactured at Focal's facilities in France for true hi-fi sound in custom installations. The Focal 3KM provides faultless mid-range performance as part of your K2 Power M Series component system.  

Focal engineers applied some of their most innovative technologies, including an M-profile Aramid fiber cone, to make this 3-1/8" driver uniquely equipped for high-performance playback. The shape and material help reduce harmonic distortion so you'll enjoy Focal's signature clean, unstressed, K2 sound.

Focal also prioritizes shallow depth to make this special speaker a better fit for more installation locations. And with power handling up to 60 watts RMS, you can safely drive this speaker with a healthy amount of power.


This component speaker was designed to be part of a Focal K2 Power M system, incorporating these other high-performance speakers:

  • Focal K2 Power M FRAK tweeters
  • Focal K2 Power M 6.5 KM 6-1/2" woofers

These components will deliver the ultimate in car audio performance, whether you install them in factory speaker locations or use them for a custom installation. The grille is sold separately.

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