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3.5 WM

3.5 WM

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3.5” Midrange


If you prioritize performance in what you drive, why not hold your audio system to the same standards? With the utmost care and commitment to premium sound, Focal designed, developed, and manufactured this single Utopia M 3.5WM 3-1/2" midrange driver at their workshop in Saint-Etienne, France. It stuns with sonic accuracy and depth of sound on par with their highly acclaimed home speakers. Incorporate this powerful speaker into a custom component system and enhance your passion for driving with a richer, more dynamic midrange.

Using their proprietary 'W" sandwich design, Focal maximizes the lightness, rigidity, and damping of this foam core cone, laminated on both sides with thin sheets of glass fabric. The speaker's tuned surround exerts tight control over cone movement, reducing distortion so you hear a more realistic performance.

Focal also prioritizes shallow depth to make this very special speaker a better fit for more installation locations. And with power handling up to 50 watts RMS, you can safely drive this speaker with a healthy amount of power.

This component speaker was designed to be part of a Focal Utopia M system, incorporating these other high-performance speakers:

  • Focal Utopia TBM 1" tweeters
  • Focal Utopia 6WM 6-1/2" component woofer
  • Focal Utopia 8WM 8" component woofer
  • Focal Utopia SUB10WM 10" dual 4-ohm component subwoofer

These components will deliver the ultimate in car audio performance, whether you install them in factory speaker locations or use them for a custom installation. The grille is sold separately.

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