Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranties on all Max Speed and Sound Services

When you get any installation done from Max Speed and Sound, the workmanship receives a lifetime warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong, we will diagnose it for free and potentially fix it for free.

However, this does not cover products that were not from us. If we installed an amp that went bad, we will diagnose the issue, but we cannot replace the amp for free.

Get it Done Right the First Time!

Our experienced installers will do it right the first time. With a combined total of 100 years in this industry, our technicians knows the ins and outs of every vehicle. They will install car audio, remote starts, car alarms, etc. exactly the way you expect them to.

Free Troubleshooting

If you have any issue in regards to our installation, we will diagnose it at no cost to you. This is what stands out to our customers, we offering a lifetime warranty because we trust in our installers.

What All is Covered Under the Lifetime Warranty?

This includes any installation for any service that we do. Any car audio, remote start, car alarm, etc. service is under our warranty. We also honor the manufacturer warranty of the products that you purchase through us. This is why it is vital to buy your products through us. Let's say you had an amp go bad one day and you needed it fixed immediately. We will diagnose the issue and replace the amp at no cost to you if it was purchased through us. Most of the time, we have the product in-hand and can replace it right then and there.

What is Not Covered Under the Lifetime Warranty?

Any products that were not bought from us. Alongside of this, your warranty can be voided if someone tampers with our work. We only cover our own work. In order to use your warranty, you will need to provide the receipt with your purchase from us.