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Super-slim profile, big-time power

Clean power can transform a mediocre sound system into a great one. Kenwood's Excelon Reference Series XR401-4 4-channel amplifier will add clarity and punch to your sound, as it powers each of your front and rear speakers with 75 watts RMS. If you're adding bass first, you can use the amp in 2-channel mode to drive a couple of subwoofers with up to 200 watts RMS each. Then later you can switch the amp over to your main speakers when you get a sub amp. The XR401-4 can fit in many different places in your car because of its incredibly low profile — it's under 1-1/2" tall.

High-resolution music

This Excelon Reference Series amplifier has ultra-high-frequency response up to 40,000 Hz, reproducing sounds that help define audio tone and space even though beyond the range of hearing. Fix this amp up with a nice set of Kenwood high-res Reference Series speakers, and you can enjoy the extended detail and powerful musical imaging of your high-res FLAC or DSD files.

Designed for optimum efficiency

Kenwood packed this amp with space-saving features. Class D technology reduces the size of the power supply, while the internal heatsink is tilted to reduce height without compromising the amp's cooling system. Recessed power and speaker wire terminals help to further reduce the amp's footprint, protect the connections, and give your installation a neat, professional look.

Controls for the best sound — especially for active systems

You can contour the sound with high- and low-pass filters so your speakers play efficiently and sound their best. The front and rear channels feature separate gain and filter controls so you can adjust for different types of speakers. The front and rear crossovers also include high-frequency settings that are perfect for tuning tweeters and woofers to sound great in 2-way active systems.

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