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Utopia Tweeter


If you prioritize performance in what you drive, why not hold your audio system to the same standards? With the utmost care and commitment to premium sound, Focal designed, developed, and manufactured these Utopia TBM 1" tweeters at their workshop in Saint-Etienne, France. They stun with sonic accuracy and depth of sound on par with those in Focal's highly acclaimed home speakers. Incorporate these tweeters into a custom system with other Focal components and enhance your passion for driving with revealing highs and a sparkling soundstage.

Focal's unique 'M'-profile inverted dome tweeter employs Beryllium for its supremely smooth highs. Lighter and more rigid than both titanium and aluminum, this material brings the smoothness of a silk tweeter to your music, but with the accuracy and extended response usually associated with a high-quality metal tweeter. Brace yourself for a new level of detail from these tweeters.

This component speaker was designed to be part of a Focal Utopia M system, incorporating these other high-performance speakers:

  • Focal Utopia 3.5WM 3-1/2" midrange driver
  • Focal Utopia 6WM 6-1/2" component woofer
  • Focal Utopia 8WM 8" component woofer
  • Focal Utopia SUB10WM 10" dual 4-ohm component subwoofer
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