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Ground Loop Isolator


The LocPRO LPGL-2 can be utilized for minimizing or eliminating noise in either RCA or 3.5mm applications. Utilizing precision transformers to break ground loop potential while retaining full audio fidelity. Easy to install and features a compact housing for expanded mounting options. 3.5mm solutions are becoming ever more popular with smartphones and tablets being used in mobile applications. Charging products are major contributors to noise when charging these devices. This noise is passed along while connected to an audio input. The LPGL-2 can be used as the solution to this problem while still retaining audio quality.

  • Inputs are reversible for installation at the source unit or the amplifier.
  • Accepts 3.5mm or RCA input/output or use as a converter for 3.5mm to RCA or RCA to 3.5mm
  • Ultra-compact housings - achieved by recessing transformers into the circuit board
  • Full 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • Wire-tie or screw mounting provisions
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