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Bomba BP20

Bomba BP20

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8”Subwoofer in a Band Pass, Amplified Enclosure, 1 x 300 W Class D


It's one thing to try to fit a subwoofer in today's smaller vehicles. It's another thing entirely to find a way to fill that space with Focal quality sound. Well, Focal's done it with the BombA BP20 powered subwoofer, a compact package that houses an 8" sub with a powerful amp. The enclosure fits in confined spaces, while its efficient bandpass design adds extra power. You'll get the bottom end you're looking for, with Focal supplying the technology you need for full enjoyment of your music.

The BombA BP20 enclosure features a built-in Class D amplifier that delivers a solid 150 watts RMS to its 8" sub. Its adjustable frequency cutoff and phase shift controls allow you to dial in the sound you want. The enclosure features high- and low-level inputs, so it's compatible with just about any car stereo. Small, powerful, and convenient, the BombA BP20 sub will add some serious bass to your vehicle without taking up too much valuable space.

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