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6 x 9” 3-Way Coaxial Kit


Focal designed their updated Auditor EVO Series speakers in France. That's a big deal — it means that these entry-level car speakers were reimagined by some of the same minds that design their flagship models. You'll recognize staples of Focal's famous sound: the inverted dome tweeter for precise treble and an improved soundstage; a polypropylene cone for a neutral and dynamic sound; and a butyl surround for impressive responsiveness.

Focal's goal is to improve the audio experience in any type of car, and these impressive ACX 690 6"x9" 3-way speakers will easily outperform your factory speakers and bring the fun back to your drive time. Prepare for a new level of richness in the midrange, and Focal's acclaimed inverted dome tweeter and supertweeter, with its handsome black lacquered finish, broadcast high-frequency details that put standard tweeter designs to shame. An integrated, high-fidelity crossover ensures that the woofer handles only the lower frequencies and the tweeter only handles the highs, giving you a smooth sound overall.

A polypropylene woofer cone and butyl rubber surround help these speakers live a long life in your car doors, withstanding all kinds of environmental abuse while delivering robust sound.

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