Remote start

One-Way Remote Start Systems

One-way remote start systems operate just like your factory keyless entry system in that the remote control talks to your vehicle. This is known as one-way communication. This technology has been around for decades and is nothing new. Our one-way remote car starters come in several different ranges, from your basic system designed to start your vehicle from your house to our 1-mile range systems for use in more challenging environments.

Two-Way Remote Start Systems

Two-way remote starters are a newer technology and are gaining in popularity every year. What makes these systems different is that your vehicle communicates back to your remote control when it has completed your request. Imagine this scenario: In the morning, you decide to remote-start your vehicle, so you push the start button on your remote control. Your remote instantly beeps, letting you know that the vehicle has received the start command. A few seconds later, after the vehicle starts, you get an audible and visual confirmation that your vehicle is running. If you have a system with an LCD display, it will even start a countdown timer. Now you know for certain that your vehicle has started, and the windshield is being defrosted and the interior is warming up. Gone are the instances where you have to look out the window to make sure the vehicle is running.

If you are like most of us, when you experience going out to a warm vehicle just one time in the winter, you will be hooked. Now you will want to remote-start your vehicle any time it sits for an extended period.

Many times, your vehicle will not be in actual sight – when you’re at work, out to dinner or shopping. This would not be a problem if you bought a two-way system, since you would get confirmation back to the remote of having started the vehicle. Now, when you are at the movies and you know the movie is almost over – the guy kisses the girl or good wins over evil – you simply press the starter button on your remote control, get the confirmation back that the vehicle is running and start smiling. You know your vehicle will be warm and toasty when you go out to it.

Our two-way systems come in several different ranges, with our top-of-the-line system having 3 miles of range!

Most vehicles do not come with remote start as a standard feature. Many packages that include remote start from the dealer are very expensive because they bundle the remote car starter option with many other add-ons that might not be as practical or necessary, Max Speed ans Sound can ensure you have professionally installed remote start for a fraction of the cost.