Do you need a sub woofer in Kansas City?

Before we get into how to choose a car audio subwoofer system for your vehicle, let’s examine why a subwoofer is such a great upgrade. In a nutshell, factory audio systems are designed around a budget – both monetary and weight-related. When automakers start looking at car audio products, price is often their primary concern. Automakers also work hard to reduce vehicle weight as much as possible, thereby reducing fuel consumption and, subsequently, environment emissions from the vehicle. This means that the performance of even these so-called “premium” factory audio systems is mediocre at best, and typically can be quantified as disappointing.
A factory audio systems that does happen to include a subwoofer is often limited in the amount of power available for the sub. The subs themselves are typically small, and the speaker cones can’t move very far to produce sound. Finally, the enclosures are often extremely compact, further limiting low-frequency sound reproduction. These limitations combine to produce bass that, if it seems to exist at all, won’t play very loud, doesn’t play very deep, and lacks clarity and definition.
Please visit our showroom for a detailed example of what a added sub woofer can do for your system!

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